Huffiness Middle School teacher enjoys summertime, plans lessons

Ms. Ramirez, HFMS from Alexis Kopp on Vimeo.

Students aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy a summer vacation. Teachers get to spend their summers traveling, swimming, and sleeping in late, too. But teachers also have to work on their lesson plans, create class calendars, and organize their classrooms for the upcoming school year.

Riana Ramirez. (Photo courtesy of Huffines Middle School)

“Being a teacher in the summertime is the best,” Riana Ramirez, a middle school teacher, said.

Ms. Ramirez began teaching in 2013 after being a long-term substitute for the cheer coach at Huffines Middle School. She now teaches English Language Arts, advises the yearbook class, and coaches the cheer team.

“When I asked to be the yearbook advisor the principal asked if I could handle it,” Ms. Ramirez said. “And I was like, ‘Yes I can handle it. Please.’”

Ms. Ramirez has many responsibilities with her three roles. Part of her responsibilities as the yearbook adviser is to post on the Huffines Middle School Facebook account. She posts information about school events for parents and students.

To be successful in her multiple positions, Ms. Ramirez stays very organized. She stores all of her lesson plans, class calendars, and worksheets on a Google Drive account. She does this so that she won’t lose anything, and so that she can easily share her lessons with other teachers.

Even if Ms. Ramirez has a worksheet on paper, she retypes the sheet and downloads it onto her Google Drive. She even has a favorite font to use.

“I have a very Type A personality,” Ms. Ramirez said.

Ms. Ramirez’s Huffines Cheer binder. (Photo by Alexis Kopp)

She also keeps separate binders for cheer, yearbook, and each 9 week period for her English class. The cheer binder includes information about demerits, football games, food vendors, and fundraising. The yearbook binder includes a list of deadlines the staff needs to hit.

This summer, Ms. Ramirez is planning the first eight weeks of her yearbook class, which she has dubbed “Yearbook Boot Camp.” Each week, the class will be focusing on what they need to know to make a successful yearbook. She will make plans like this for cheer and her English Language Arts classes, too.

“My advice to future teachers would be: stay confident and back everything up on Google Drive,” Ms. Ramirez said.


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