Dallas area tutoring centers fight summer learning loss

Summertime is filled with all kinds of slides: playground slides, water slides, and learning slides. While school is out of session, students can lose up to two to three months in reading and math skills. By 5th grade this can put a student almost three years behind their peers.

Ways to prevent summer learning loss. (Infographic by: Alexis Kopp)

Learning slides, or learning losses, most often effect students with low socioeconomic backgrounds, but all students can be effected by learning loss over the summer

I visited three different tutoring centers in the Dallas area that will help your student continue learning and growing academically throughout the summer months.

Sylvan Learning 

There are multiple Sylvan Learning locations in the North Texas area, but the Dallas location is right off North Central Expressway.  Sylvan Learning of North Dallas and Highland Park works with students of all ages. The youngest student at Sylvan Learning is 3 years-old, and the oldest students include adults wanting to go back to college or receive their General Education Diploma.

“It’s important to seek tutoring in the summer because we have 8 to 10 weeks of not having school, so there’s a large learning loss there,” Center Director Carolyn Abusalim said.

Sylvan Learning for North Dallas and Highland Park tutoring center. (Photo by: Alexis Kopp)

Before beginning at Sylvan Learning, a student must take an assessment which gives the tutors an idea of what the student will need to focus on during his or her sessions. Then an individualized plan is created for the student.

Tutoring sessions include the core subject areas and test preparation. There is a 3:1 tutor to student ratio at Sylvan Learning of North Dallas and Highland Park to ensure that all students are getting enough attention and the help needed to reach their goals.

Sylvan Learning of North Dallas and Highland Park is also offering STEM programs this summer. There is a robotics class in which students build robots with Legos and a coding class where students learn the basics of coding and create their own animated games.

“The summertime is also great if you have a lot of catch up to do,” Abusalim said. “A parent can really hit it aggressively and get their students at least closer to where they need to be the following year.”


The Tutoring Place

Located on Sherry Lane, The Tutoring Place is a locally owned and operated tutoring center that works mostly with middle school and high school students.

The Tutoring Place in Dallas. (Photo by: Alexis Kopp)

In the 2017 People’s Choice Awards: Best Service, the Park Cities People newspaper had a tie between The Tutoring Place and Mathnasium for the best tutors in the area

The Tutoring Place offers tutoring in various subject areas during the summertime including; math, science, English, history, and foreign languages. The center also offers test prep classes and speech therapy.

Closer to August, The Tutoring Place will hold reviews and workshops to refresh your students’ brains and get them ready for school to return.



Mathansium is an international tutoring center specifically for math. Dallas area students in kindergarten through 12th grade can visit the Mathnasium in Snider Plaza to receive the help they need.

Mathnasium has a year-round program which helps students get to grade level or surpass grade level in mathematics through one-hour long sessions. Like Sylvan Learning, Mathnasium gives each student an assessment before starting their tutoring. The pre-assessment allows students to get an individualized plan that highlights the areas of math in which they are struggling. Unlike Sylvan Learning, Mathnasium tutoring sessions occur in small groups rather than one on one. Mathnasium tries to uphold a 1:3 tutor to student ratio.

Freddie Halstead, Owner of the Mathnasium in Snider Plaza. (Photo by: Alexis Kopp)

The Mathnasium in Snider Plaza likes to make things fun for the students. They have game days every Friday where students can come an hour before their tutoring session and play board games. They also have incentives for finishing worksheets and lessons.

“They have punch cards and when they finish a worksheet they get punches and can earn prizes,” owner Freddie Halstead said.

For the first time ever, Mathnasium is hosting summer camps. Each camp lasts one week long and involves intensive and specific practice. The programs include: Chess Club, Multiplication Boot Camp, and Word Problem Camp.

“If you can think your way around a chessboard well, you can think your way around anything in math,” Halstead said.

 Follow @Mathnasium on Twitter to receive daily word problems. Have your student solve the problem and look for the solution on Twitter the next day.


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